General Biography

The Beginning

I was confused for a long time. This world is very confusing. However, I started to figure things out as time went on. Below I will share with you much of what I learned, in attacking the claims that this life tells us, and checking to the best of my ability, with concrete evidences, what really holds up. There are so many amazing and beautiful things in this world! I saw that, and I decided to go on a journey to figure out what was good, what actions/things bore good fruit (or results), and how to maximize those things in life.

Alright, so I’ll just write a little bit of the generic stuff. I was born in Colorado (I have nothing to hide, it was in 1992) and I grew up for ten years there before spending the rest of my life so far in the New York Hudson Valley and Massachusetts area. Below is a picture of me as young child, loving all of the raw milk and cholesterol in the breast milk I was receiving, and no, I didn’t die from listeria!

Round 1

I then spent a lot of time confused in middle school and high school. Why was the world the way it was, why was school the way it was, why did the teachers teach the strange things they did, why couldn’t men and women get along, and why did it seem like there were so many problems that no one spoke of, and that the solutions to these problems – that seemed accessible – didn’t seem like they were pursued?

Below the next paragraph, I have included many pictures from my childhood. These were the years that I knew something more was in the world, I just didn’t know what it was at the time. I started learning music theory, guitar, piano, electric guitar, amateur singing, and some other things at this time. I also started to love the German language as well as language learning. Outside of those things, making jokes, thinking about mathematics, and playing basketball, I just kept wondering about things. I wanted wisdom and to learn about righteousness, I just couldn’t figure it out or put it into words at the time.

I started learning about relationship psychology and other things that started me on the path to figuring things out as I was leaving high school. All of the questions in the previous paragraph were brooding inside of me, as a confused young man, until I went away to college and had an opportunity to unpack it all…obsessively.

Round 2

When I got to college I went absolutely all out, no holds barred. I attacked the entire library, I learned as many skills as I could, and I searched out incredible mentors in every form of knowledge. I then went back into the history of science and looked into how things are known that are claimed, I went all through psychology to see what was “healthy” in behavior, I read thousands of books across many disciplines, and I kept at it alone when everyone was partying on Friday night, and sleeping on Saturday morning.

I discovered things that I could not believe. I was enthralled by Emily Post etiquette books, and the studies of Weston Price. I was entranced by the world of Austrian Economics, and of the Zanerian school of handwriting. I found a beautiful pattern of morality in everything, and I found that there is a book that actually is intellectual and can truly and greatly help those who seek it: the Bible, and especially for beginners, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I learned the beautiful ideas that truth is made by non-contradiction, not popular opinion, and that non-contradiction points in a direction that most wouldn’t expect. I also started reading many books from before 1923, and I saw that many of the problems that we have today can be remedied from the traditions and knowledge of the past. Many people if they learn only from school and television, I learned, may not ever come across these ideas from the past. I think it may have something to do with the intimate relationship today with corporate powers and the government combined with one of the most evil forces in history, the all consuming, fully realized, prized over everything else, love of money.

I learned many things about alternative health long forgotten (including a really incredible discovery I will share soon), as well as fun things like pronouncing other languages without accents, making art materials from nature, accents, computer coding, toxicology, mathematics, logic, philosophy, how our views of science match up to those earlier in time, and much much more. I have many projects and things coming out in the future with which I hope to support, improve, give hope to, and encourage love throughout all of mankind! Allow me to say something not always all that popular today…Glory be to God!

Hopefully Round 3

Thank you for visiting this site and reading everything so far! On these websites, I hope to share more about myself, the things I have learned, and where I am going in the future. If you are extra curious, for more depth on this kind of story, feel free to read this, and to stay tuned with everything going through these websites. I have way to much to share to fit it in a short biography!