A Poem by Drew White

I know people are drowning,
Gasping for the air of truth,
And there’s no one to help them.

I see innocent children
Confused with the order of life,
Rebelling against their re-maker,
Rebelling against the spirit
that knows no freedom.

Who is brave enough,
in the face of total mockery,
to stand up and speak what needs to be said?

To be willing to be laughed at,
and violently attacked,
for the sole motive of love,
and the sole will
of wanting to help someone in dire need,
even if they don’t themselves know it.

Who is willing to listen
to the small fledgling Voice in their mind
That says,
“things don’t seem right.”

Who is willing to question the authority
of large institutions
To challenge those
who have alphabets after their last name
That their teachings alarm the spirit God placed within me.

Truth’s brother is love, not intolerance
And love can’t be verified by mass spectroscopy

I will drown with you
I will lift you up into the air of truth
And I will give everything that you may be led closer
To the apex of human and heavenly knowledge
To see the horizon that is the word of God.

I will stand up
I will shout from the mountains
God is true, let every man be a liar
Lest we think that a further separation from him will give us greater happiness.

This world and all that in it is,
Is but a reflection
Of his grace, his power, and his mathematically impossible mind.

I cry out, Abba, let your spirit dwell in me.
Let my mouth always bear good fruit and cry out the truth of your word.
Nothing in this world functions without it.
No science, no love, no freedom,
Can exist in its absence,

And every skill, every piece of knowledge, and all wisdom,
Means nothing and bears nothing,
Unless we will to live like Christ.
To give our lives in love
To those who thirst to take it away.