Why I Left Sleight of Hand Magic


A long time ago, I decided never to quit anything. Of course, I would quit something if I thought it was wrong; I would never quit out of failed attempts or a broken spirit. I decided that certain things were worth doing and that I would either succeed or die. There was no other option. I made these decisions after learning an awful lot of things, including marriage counseling and the gospel of Christ, which started directing my life in the right direction.

After these things, I saw a magician perform at an entertainment night in college. He did a lot of card tricks and other things. I was mesmerized. I fell in love with it immediately. I wanted to bring the joy and happiness to people that it seemed to bring to others. I immediately bought decks of cards, and many DVDs to practice. I read a ton of books on the subject and eagerly practiced alone by myself during the nighttime in academic buildings in college long after everyone left them. I read many theory books on it and practiced an awful lot. I joined a local magicians group, and I had dreams of doing large illusions and all kinds of magic of different types.

There is no doubt I would have been a great magician. I practiced for years and worked VERY hard at it. However, something interrupted this path, something that I never would have expected. I have always been interested in learning as many things as possible (hence my website www.bearenaissanceman.com). I was also eagerly pursuing an understanding of the Bible (Oh, I have so many things to write for hours upon hours). When I first read the Bible, John 7:17 was a summation of what I thought. Immediately the words spoke to me, and I knew that no man was as wise as Jesus. I wanted to bear good fruit desperately as is written in Luke 6:43-45. After years of learning, I started to think about supernatural things in the Bible.

Next Steps

I wondered, these things are written in the Bible, but no one I knew of had experienced prophecy, healing miracles, or some of the other miraculous things in the Bible. When I learned other things, I would always try to search out the best people in the world in those fields and learn from them. I wondered, who in the world has experienced the most of these things? Has anyone received a TON of prophecy, or has seen huge healing miracles? What were the limits for the modern day?

I started doing a ton of research, and I started to find things. I ran into a lot of videos on YouTube of people who died and came back, and told about what they saw. Through this I found Sid Roth’s Show, It’s Supernatural. I then learned of Pete Cabrera Jr (his awesome book), Tom Loud, and Todd White online. Lastly, I found The Last Reformation (and website). I started to see miracles happen over and over again on video. Some people shoo this off as nonsense, but after eight years of obsessive learning of everything I could in the library, with mentors, and with experiences (without Facebook, television, or partying), I knew (to the very best of my knowledge) that there was nothing in verified truth to oppose these things. It was consistent with the world I learned about. I later learned even more about how intellectual things and science support this. This knowledge will catalogue my websites. There is a strange balance between knowing that we can’t know everything, and cleverly leveraging the knowledge we do know to arrive at a conclusive decision, similar to a proof by contradiction in mathematics.

My Own Experiences

I was thirsty for more, so I watched all twenty videos of the pioneer school (approximately two hours each) on The Last Reformation website. I then (after coming back from a vacation in Italy), got baptized for the first time. After I got baptized, I started experiencing miracles and the gifts of the holy spirit, including the sensations of John 7:38 directly after being baptized before I realized what the scripture said. These things were real and defied probability (the very thing I more or less majored in in college). I started constantly receiving prophetic words of others that I could not have known, I started seeing some healings, and I experienced the real presence of God. I started receiving dreams from God, and I started to observe loads of Bible verses demonstrate their truth in life. I will speak much more about this in my website, thirstyforlivingwater.com, as well in other parts of my websites.

Now I will tie this back into sleight of hand magic. One of the Bible verses that I think of often is Psalm 37:4, “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” After I got baptized, I wanted to do God’s will above everything else, and at the time, I also wanted to do sleight of hand magic. I thought they were compatible. I remember thinking, “Oh, I can’t wait to go home and practice [a certain sleight of hand magic book] more!” I would feel something unsettling about it. I went to go pick up the book, and against the will in my mind, it repulsed me. I could not pick it up. My mind wanted it, and my body and spirit infinitely opposed me. I went back and forth with prayer until I realized that it was not God’s will for me to do it. The Lord had changed my desires to no longer want it. I had quit sleight of hand magic against what I thought I wanted in my own mind.

More of What I Learned

Here is another verse that I believe clarifies this (Hebrews 8:10), “For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” I understand these scriptures to say that where our wills do not match the will of God, we who believe (as children of God) will have our desires supernaturally changed to that of the desires of God. This is what I experienced.

I realized after thinking about it that sleight of hand magic mixed in with miracles from God could create great confusion and doubt on those around you. It also mimics those who could do similar things with evil spirits. These things are documented and possible. Who needs sleight of hand magic anyway when miracles from God are real and possible!

Speaking of miracles, I am seeking after more of a relationship with the living God. This is partially what my website, thirstyforlivingwater.com will be about. After experiencing some fellowship with Him, He is more than you ever could have imagined. His glory, majesty, love, and presence are what we need to be fulfilled. It is the meaning of life, to walk in his presence. I am experiencing a lot, and I am seeking after more and more every day! I will keep you in touch with my new website!


Lastly, to those who are rather unfamiliar with the whole thing, we really have a choice to make between right and wrong. If we choose to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we become born again and then start on the journey of walking closer to God by pursuing him with our whole hearts. If we choose what is wrong or reject God/Christ, then we remain in our sin and are punished (in everlasting hell). God wants none to perish but for everyone to choose what is right! Don’t be afraid! God is perfect, and is better than you could possibly imagine! He can guide us all to be perfect and to walk with him so that our joy will be full, we will abide in his love, we will be truly free, know the truth, have easy burdens, be given rest, receive the desires of our hearts, live even though we die, and pursue God to the point where our diseases are healed, we receive that which we need, receive great gifts from Him, and become mirrors of His love to all those around us. How cool it is that this is true!

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